(wikiHow) Instructions to block the 100newsup.net Redirect browser hijacker

100newsup.net is fake search engine that purposely strike the most popular Web browsers. This can easily invade and modify settings of your Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Threat Summary

Threat: 100newsup.net
Type: Browser Hijacker
Brief Description: Browser hijackers are adware that modifies settings of home page and redirects browser to unknown websites.

100newsup.net is dubious extension that sneaks into the computer and forces to gain control over your Internet browser. It can be assigned as your home page and new tab page even without your approval. This program is highly intrusive, thus, its arrival is often unknown to PC users.

In contrast to its claim of giving useful functions, 100newsup.net may disrupt and upset users while they surf online. It causes browser redirect to unknown web sites. 100newsup.net releases ads that may have links to vicious web pages and harmful web contents. As a result, this may increase chances of getting kinds of malicious software that could deeply infect your machine.

Take note that gaining more profit is the real aim of 100newsup.net. So don’t be surprised if your online surfing would be filled with strange display of ads and unwanted redirects. Adware author exploit this program to promote online ads in order to profit from this scheme.

While 100newsup.net is running on your system, chances are you may get other form of adware and sorts of online threats. And while you are using resources from this unknown search engine, expect that your online privacy may also be dragged at risk. Through 100newsup.net, cyber crook can collect all information based on PC user’s online habit. In some cases, gathered data was not only used for marketing scheme. It may also be used for further attack like identity theft.

Trying to control your browser is surely impossible while 100newsup.net Search still exist. Getting rid of this malware is all you need to do to bring back the normal functions of your system.

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